an experienced electronic music producer and touring artist, elysha is passionate about composition and scoring, juxtaposing a classical cinematic palette with cutting-edge sound design and technology. most recently scoring the documentary “beauty” for nfb canada, she has also worked on multiple short independent films including a full-fledged musical score for the 2010 crazy 8s winner, “wendy wisconsin“. she was nominated for a canadian videogame music award for her score for the mobile game “big top ballet” and has also provided music for national broadcast on cbc, ctv and mtv canada. although passionate about electronic, pop and hip hop, her multi-instrumentalism and passion for world music assures comfort in all genres.

also diversifying recently into sample packs, her most recent release on black octopus, “intonations“, is uniquely derived only from vocal content yet comprises elements as divergent as drums and synth presets, and spans multiple octaves and tones.

specialties: composition, songwriting, electronic/pop/hip hop production